Although Invention is the youngest School of Wizardry, it still dates back over a millennium.

The inceptive accomplishment of the School was the completion of the warpstones, or, warprondels.
There are 36 in total, scattered across the world. Each operates as a portal, transporting the operator(s) to a different stone. This was essentially Gantórann’s first, albeit poorly devised, high-speed transit system. Even at their conception the stones could never be called “popular”, but by now they’re virtually never used. Information about what stone goes where is to be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. Most of the common people don’t even believe they’re real.

There is one stone that is somewhat regularly trafficked, mostly because records were kept of where it went and it never went unused for too long. Also, the destination isn’t too far away, so people aren’t afraid to vanish because the success of trips can be verified quickly. The stone, called Louhi’s Altar, is up in Pohyola in the northernmost First Realm; and its corresponding stone is the Confluence Stone in the north of Durga, in the center of the First Realm.
It is rumored that the Confluence Stone takes you to the Third Realm, but few people risk it, and those who do don’t often return to verify.

Activating a warprondel requires a blood-sacrifice, and a good volume of blood is needed, too.
Furthermore, each stone only transports travelers to one, fixed corresponding stone, and that stone is never the same stone as it recieves travelers from. That means if you use a warprondel to cross a vast distance, you can’t necessarily use the same one to get home. It’s possible this new stone’s destination point will be back in the area you came from, but it’s statistically more likely it’ll be elsewhere.


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