Druids are dirty and live in the woods. They can shapeshift into animals.
Being a druid is sort of like being in a sorority. On a local level, they’re unified into circles, but out in the world a druid will recognize another druid and they’ll always be pals about it.

Druids are similar to rangers except they don’t give a shit about protecting civilization. It isn’t necessarily because they don’t care about it, but it can at least be assumed that civilization’s got people on the lookout already right? Druids care about the unspoiled wilderness. They’re like the feral children of the earth.

A large concentration of Druids live in southern Séanmira, in the Diercuune forests of Beira.

There are two types of druid circles.

Circle of the Moon

These druids love being alone, and only meet under full moons to swap paranoid warnings and conspiracy theories. Most of the time they can be found alone in the wilderness, pretending to be animals.

Circle of the Earth

Druids in these circles draw magic from the terrain of the Circle’s home turf. These circles might be found in frozen tundras, on coastal shores, in arid deserts, grasslands, forests, mountains, swamps, or down in the caves of the underdark.


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