Nation on the northwest coast of the First Realm.

Estimated population: 5 million
Major industries: furs, lumber
Government: United City-States
Major Cities: Black Annis, Neith, Wulver, Bennevis, Bauchan, Cyoeraeth
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Culture & Infrastructure

This territory was initially roamed by druids, but eventually some human settlements formed and grew into fortified city-states. The United Cities of Beira are mostly on the coasts and the large islands in the Cutbrim. The region referred to as Beira isn’t wholly claimed, and in fact is mostly wilderness. The southern reach of the Séanmira is called the Diercuune forests, which is mostly in Beira, and is very ardently watched over by Druids.

Each city has its own guard and fortifications.

There’s a large island just off the west coast, with a natural harbor on a region that protrudes into the channel. The small, steeply sloping industry town of Black Annis sits on that harbor, facing the continent. A ferry runs once a bell to the mainland city of Wulver. Black Annis itself is walled, but not heavily fortified. There are manned fortifications running along the center of the island, marking the northern section as the city-state of Black Annis.


Often (technically inaccurately) considered the capital of Beira, it’s on the west coast, very near to the Funnelweb Colony. Wulver is a port city with a population of about 800,000. The city is very busy, since Beira is heavily forested (and the forests here are carefully watched-over by Druids), there isn’t much agriculture nearby, so the people rely on imported food staples from elsewhere and hunted or foraged supplies. Their outdoor markets occur on a full-scale three times a week, but it’s rare that at least a few peddlers with temporary stalls aren’t out on any given day. Wulver is known widely for its jams and cured meats.

The other City-States are similarly fortified bubbles of bustling civilization within the heavily wooded and wild lands of Beira. The roads connecting the contiguous states are safe, for the most part, and hunting while traveling seems to be permitted by the Beirian Druids. Causing any egregious damage to the wilds is likely to put you at risk though!


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