Tieflings are scattered.
They’ve all got skin ranging from reddish tans to reddish blacks, and hair in various shades of red, black, and brown. Even the most human looking in complexion can be identified by their horns, and some have other infernal features like sharp teeth or long, ratlike tails. Most of them have dark colored eyes, which are not just monochrome orbs like the book wants everybody’s fucking eyes to be.
A long time ago their ancestors like, were from the infernal realm? Or made a pact with the wrong demon or something and anyway this ancestral heritage is supposed to be a source of shame I think but it isn’t for many tieflings. They just see it as an excuse used by society as a whole to justify their poor treatment.


Tieflings have a very strong sense of identity, regardless of whether they’re proud or ashamed of their heritage. Their clear physical markings make their race a central part of their lives. Almost all tieflings are born and raised in a pocket-community inside a larger (usually human) community. There are a lot of regional differences in their cultural attitudes, typically based on the treatment they get from their encompassing district.


In some areas, tieflings are just people like anybody else. But in others, their infernal background is unforgivably ominous, and their neighbors treat them like living burdens who exist for no reason but to punish the good people around them.
Outside the cities, there’s a good chance common folk will immediately assume a tiefling is a demon or a devil of some sort and just break right into an inconsolable panic.

Tieflings live mainly in major cities


In the port city Fladhaven in Ariadne


The tiefling sector in the free city of Back & Fill

Broken Horn

The tiefling quarter in the free city of Daggerboard. This sector of the city sits along some volcanic hot springs. Since Daggerboard is pretty far south and tieflings don’t care much for cold weather, they were allowed this prime bit of real estate.

Drauger Carrow

There is a tiefling quarter called Drauger Carrow in the capital city of Chippinghoul in Thule, on the east coast of the Third Realm.

Keres Pit

Tiefling neighborhood in the city of Remisow in Edgewise kingdom.


the Tiefling quarter of Theodaust in Euna


in the city of Urlarnor in Lorgainhelm


Capelaud in Morgannwg


There are Tiefling communities in:
> Threestead in Something
> Verse Harbor in Something
> Dustpool in Something

Edimmu Cae

the Tiefling ward in Parcel City in Southerfeld.


the Tiefling ward in Fifth Signal in Umber


The Tiefling neighborhood in Sun Over the Yardarm


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