The Gnomish Toymaker


You have been quite a scoundrel.
But luckily, you’ll have plenty of time to puzzle over the moral intricacies of tax evasion during your stay at the Tower of Siphnia (debtor’s prison)!

If you don’t want to wait for your friends & family to bail you out by paying your debts and covering all the brand new costs of incarceration you’re incurring daily, you can always work in the labor yard, or appeal to become a serf until you’re able to buy back your freedom! Indentured servitude isn’t all that bad I’ve heard.

But, what’s this?
You’ve received a pardon from the king!
However, the pardon will only be granted on the condition that you accept a quest. And don’t think about accepting and running away either, because the punishment for your crimes will just fall to your next of kin!

The quest is this:

The king’s son, during the course of his academic study, learned of a series of spectacular mechanical figures crafted by a famously skilled toymaker, Clepsydra, about 150 years ago.
He wants one. Ideally, he wants to commission the toymaker herself to craft a custom design just for him, but falling short of that, he will accept one of the 10 originals.

About You

Well, the Tower of Syphnia is Siemid Erw in the metropolis of Chippinghoul, in Thule. So for whatever reason, you need to settle up with the Thulean Crown.
The Tower of Siphnia is far from the only prison in Chippinghoul, but there aren’t many debtor’s prisons in the countryside. It’s therefore conceivable that you’re from a nearby rural town and were transported into the city for incarceration.

The Gnomish Toymaker

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