Sneaky snakes.
Rogues are good at hiding and moving about unnoticed. They’re very quick and are often able to avoid injury, no matter the circumstances.

A basic tool in the rogue’s kit is an understanding of thieves’ cant. Behold:
that’s a right old long-tongued prig what cackled to the autem bawler, harman’ll have his whole bawdy basket on the chatts by darkmans.

There are three roguish archetypes

Rogues who join assassins guilds master disguise, poisons, and stealth. They typically become spies for wealthy families, bodyguards, hired killers of course, or if all else fails they make good dog the bounty hunters.

Rogues who join thieves’ guilds are typically burglars, bandits, and pickpockets when they enter, and they’re still welcome to continue those pursuits on their own time I’m sure but in a guild environment, let’s please at least pretend to be professionals? In these guilds, rogues of this archetype can expect to learn new languages and how to operate magical devices in addition to the basics like agility. They might become artifact hunters, explorers, scouts, or hired investigators.

Arcane Tricksters
Some rogues are a bit roguish, if you catch my drift. They really hit their stride in their late teens when all the young neighborhood moms would fawn over their devilish charm and quick-witted pranks. In order to really dig in and be the lovable, dashing class clown for ever they should step it up a bit don’t you think?
Arcane tricksters learn rudimentary spellcraft to improve their game.


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