A mountainous kingdom along the cold northern shores of the First Realm

Estimated population: 2.5 million
Major Cities: Urlarnor
Major industries: Ore, Stone
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Culture & Infrastructure

About a hundred years ago, all the noble children in the neighboring Kingdom of Ffindwr were slaughtered in their sleep. That doesn’t sound like it should be in the Lorgainhelm history, except the Ffindwrs decided that the massacre must have been orchestrated by Lorgainhelm.
The infrastructure if Ffindwr fell apart, and they began building up their militias with a clear eye upon Lorgainhelm.

All tragedies and bitter threats aside, the king of Lorgainhelm at the time, King Dagny the Gallant decided to make a move on some of the western islands in the Armory that had once belonged to Lorgainhelm. Although the conquest was successful, Ffindwr took this move as essentially a confession to the massacre and public relations grew much worse.
In the years since Dagny the Gallant, most of the monarchs have been young, somewhat sickly, and rather short-lived. None ever had the time to rally the people on their side, gain experience, or ever really accomplish anything.
Eventually the lands that Dagny had won were taken back by Ffindwr.
The current monarch is King Dagny III, or Dagny the Pensive. She’s only 20, but has shown herself to be a tactful ruler.


Navy, borderguard. Not funded to the detriment of the rest of the Kingdom.






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