Halflings are chill. They are very practical and direct. It must have been frustrating when larger people colonized the entire world and build mass infrastructure that was collectively just too wide for them to negotiate comfortably with their tiny bodies. I imagine few modern features have been adapted to suit their disadvantage.
Anyway, halflings tend to be personable, and disinterested in showy displays of wealth or heraldry. There are two varieties of halflings: stout, which are good at rebounding, and lightfoot, which are good at hiding.


They organize their sprawling, agricultural regions into Shires, which are divided into Hundreds. Larger shires may contain in-between subdivisions called Lathes, which are comprised of multiple hundreds.
Each hundred settles its own judicial disputes by way of a monthly Court made up of 5–13 representative members of the community, depending on the population size of the hundred. Any criminal matter requiring an investigation or the execution of a judgement will draw in a shire-reeve, which is also the closest thing the halflings have to a martial presence. Apart from serving as detectives, judges, and marshals; shire-reeves also defend their shires from humans who bust in periodically, demanding taxes and tributes in the name of their monarch.


Halflings are seen as honest, decent farmers, in general. They’re common enough that most people don’t really think twice about meeting a halfling, although it’s exciting to be in halfling lands because they’re beautiful and halflings are known to be gracious hosts.
Seeing a halfling in a city is a different matter, however, since they make excellent thieves.

Halfling Regions


Near Cowry Lake, just north of the Metal Desert in the First Realm.


Verdigris Shire –

  • Gladwynairis Hundred
  • Colacynth Hundred
  • Embel Hundred
  • Purslane Hundred: Wryleaved
  • Golpar Hundred

Arum Shire –

  • Clary Lathe
    • Skirwhit Hundred
    • Silvermat Hundred
    • Brucla Hundred
  • Marshelder Hundred
  • Catmint Hundred
  • Groundcherry Hundred

Cercerephron Shire –

  • Switchgrass Hundred
  • Burdock Hundred
  • Brusture Hundred
  • Nettle Hundred
  • Burnweed Hundred

Diessathel Shire –

  • Bryony Lathe
    • Black Bryony Hundred
    • White Bryony Hundred
    • Fennel Hundred
  • Mullein Hundred
  • Henbane Hundred
  • Diesapter Hundred

Yarrow Shire –

  • Bursage Hundred: Mottlegill
  • One-Eyed Hundred: Burning Beacon
  • Farfara Hundred
  • Lawalree Hundred
  • Celadine Hundred

Sainfoin Shire –

  • Mantia Hundred
  • Groundpine Hundred
  • Argea Hundred
  • Stejar Hundred
  • Fivefoil Hundred


North of the Ysios Kinessy river in the southern subcontinent of the Third Realm. This region is characterized by moors, marshland, shrubland, and some highlands to the west. Its rolling terrain is covered in heathers, and the people of Fescue have managed to cultivate several thriving strains of roses.


Munnik Shire –

  • Roseraie Hundred
  • Hulthemia Hundred
  • Trailing Hundred
  • Swamprose Hundred
  • Burr Rose Hundred
  • Winged Hundred

Rushleaf Shire –

  • Signalgrass Hundred
  • Panic Hundred
  • Meristem Lathe
    • Heather–Beetle Hundred
    • Wicken Hundred
    • Rhiw Hundred
  • Calluna Hundred
  • Spikerush Hundred
  • Fensedge Hundred

Crowberry Shire –

  • Bracken Hundred
  • Mires Hundred: Mildew
  • Honey-Eater Hundred
  • Spelt Hundred
  • Durum Hundred
  • Redleaf Hundred

Gorse Shire –

  • Damask Hundred
  • Cabbage Rose Hundred
  • Zephirine Hundred
  • Old Blush Hundred
  • Mossrose Hundred
  • Merechal Hundred

Macchia Shire –

  • Archingthorn Hundred
  • Trier Hundred: Rose Spindle
  • Aglaia Hundred
  • Boursalt Hundred

Chaparral Shire –

  • Polyantha Hundred
  • Kiftsgate Hundred
  • Tamarisk Hundred
  • Bogmoss Hundred: Penny Cep
  • Verdigris Hundred
  • Brittle Lichen Hundred

Bogshadow Shire –

  • Scatterug Hundred
  • Umbellifer Hundred
  • Mossbell Hundred
  • Earthtongue Hundred
  • Dune Waxcap Hundred: Ispahan
  • Chaga Hundred


In the eastern hill lands and moors of the First Realm. This entire region has beautiful stone windmills with white sails.


Ironwind Shire –

  • Crownwheel Hundred
  • Wallower Hundred
  • Samsonhead Hundred
  • Overdrift Hundred
  • Whitesail Hundred
  • Runner Hundred

Knocklogrim Shire –

  • Underdrift Hundred
  • Towermill Hundred
  • Crowntree Hundred
  • Windshaft Hundred
  • Tailwheel Hundred
  • Hemlath Hundred

Croan Shire –

  • Smockmill Hundred
  • Pintle Hundred
  • Burrstone Hundred
  • Querns Hundred
  • Furrow Hundred
  • Harps Hundred

Dalkey Shire –

  • Spindle Hundred
  • Tentering Hundred
  • Balrath Hundred
  • Smockmill Hundred
  • Grist Hundred

Carnanbregagh Shire –

  • Sorghum Hundred
  • Triticale Hundred
  • Buckwheat Hundred
  • Teff Hundred
  • Amaranth Hundred
  • Einkorn Hundred


This shire is named for the favored plant they cultivate, which yields a bright yellow dye. In the Third Realm, south of the Ysios Kinessy river.


Alkanet Shire –

  • Bugloss Hundred
  • Dyer’s Rocket Lathe
    • Weld Hundred
    • Dyeworks Hundred
    • Knotweed Hundred
  • Mordant Hundred
  • Porphyry Hundred: Stipplescale

Aal Shire –

  • Moridone Hundred: Giantshield
  • Sappanwood Hundred: Greenshield
  • Bloodroot Hundred
  • Ochre Hundred
  • Lichen Hundred

Galloak Shire –

  • Añil Hundred
  • Archil Hundred: Blackthread
  • Crottle Hundred
  • Resin Hundred
  • Sumac Hundred
  • Pitch Hundred: Inkcap

Woad Shire –

  • Batik Hundred
  • Mauveine Hundred: Tannin, Tin
  • Logwood Hundred
  • Fustic Hundred
  • Cutch Hundred
  • Alum Hundred


In the foothills of central Dathannachy.
This is a relatively industrious region. The shires by forestlands are filled with woodworkers and many Tupel halflings are skilled in woodcrafts and carpentry. All the shires on waterways have famous, characteristic Tupelo watermills. Off Fall Shire and Kerf are peppered with windmills, but they are not as distinct as the ones in Hollyhock.


Cannel Shire –

  • Incannel Hundred
  • Grit Hundred: Ferrule
  • Tenon Hundred
  • Oakgrain Hundred
  • Mitre Hundred
  • Outcannel Hundred

Flitch Shire –

  • Penstock Lathe
    • Farro Hundred
    • Millpond Hundred
    • Leat Hundred
    • Millrace Hundred
  • Quartersawn Hundred
  • Riftsawn Hundred
  • Spalting Hundred: Fiddleback
  • Cup Hundred
  • Brace Hundred

Kerf Shire –

  • Bolster Hundred
  • Caul Hundred
  • Architrave Hundred: Turning
  • Cruk Hundred
  • Burl Hundred
  • Brakewheel Hundred
  • Runnerstone Hundred

Greenwood Shire –

  • Crook Hundred
  • Tracery Hundred: Crenon
  • Benchdog Hundred
  • Blind Hundred
  • Bedstone Hundred
  • Turbine Hundred
  • Pitwheel Hundred

Off Fall Shire –

  • Mortise Hundred
  • Bolt Hundred
  • Basswood Hundred
  • Spurwheel Hundred: Rhithron
  • Sails Hundred
  • Trestle Hundred
  • Fantail Hundred


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