A kingdom in the northeast moorlands of the First Realm

Estimated population: 6.2 million
Capital: Breval
Government: Fractured
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Grimmia has become a country of warring states ever since the death of their monarch, King Igneuc, about 90 years ago.
After that, the inexperienced ascendant King began portioning out royal lands to nobles and gentry to maintain the armies against Orcish hostilities in the west. His goal was to repel the Cape Vulture and Helmet Currasow Hordes, who frequently raid Grimmian villages, and he failed to maintain his influence over the kingdom.
With the King’s focus and resources aimed squarely at the Orcs, the wealthy landowners of the kingdom began consolidating territories and fighting amongst each other. No territory has formally split from the crown, but there are functionally five independent Duchies in Grimmia outside of the King’s Land.
The ascendent King reigned primarily as a figurehead for over 40 years, and had no children. The Dukes were the de facto political force within the kingdom, and bickered amongst themselves about who had the strongest claim to the throne. Eventually, they agreed on a young and malleable distant relation of King Igneuc, who served as a figurehead for 30 years until he was thrown from his horse and died. His grandson, King Karanteg, is the current monarch. He holds his own well against the Dukes, but can’t do much to reassert power.

The King’s Land region is the furthest inland, encompassing the historical Grimmian capital and trade-center, Breval.
The functionally-independent warring Duchies are Enorig, Venaig, Klervie, Steredenn, and Koulma.


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