A kingdom lining the northern shore of the First Realm and spanning an archipelago in the Armory Bay.

Estimated population: 3.1 million
Major industries: Machinery, Siege weaponry, Ships, Iron Ore, Coal
Capital: Preswyldwn
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Culture & Infrastructure

Ffindwr is an industrious kingdom. The people are up at dawn and active round the clock. Even the smallest hamlets seem bustling and jovial.
Around a hundred years ago, the political infrastructure was destabilized when all the children of all the noble families in the kingdom were assassinated in one night. No rival nation or splinter factions ever took credit for these crimes, and no weregelds were ever paid. The general consensus throughout the land is that the murders were carried out in secret by agents of Lorgainhelm, with no intention of asserting a direct threat, but rather, to demoralize.
The Armory Archipelago, which is almost entirely under the control of Ffindwr, has been disputed territory between the two nations for centuries. Sure enough, a few years after the Atheling Massacre, Lorgainhelm launched an attack on the western islands.


With so much coastland and seaside industry, they’ve got a very strong navy, especially since they specialize in shipbuilding and mechanics. They also deal with a fair amount of attack from the Helmet Curassows and the Crested Serpent-Eagles in the south and west, so they also have a standing army.


Political relationships with the surrounding kingdoms haven’t been great, and while the nation isn’t formally at war, the nobles are preparing for it. As a result, the peasant classes are being heavily taxed and worked to the bone. The overall quality of life has dropped off in the past century.


The primary god of Ffindwr is Yenta, and the patron god of Preswyldwn is Svetorid

Famous Features



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