There are two kinds of dwarves, Hill Dwarves, and Mountain Dwarves.
Hill Dwarves are a bit more sensible and rugged. Imagine if Snow White dwarves had depth and dignity.
Mountain Dwarves are a little stronger and know their way super well around armor. They’re all about splendorous kingdoms and the glory of war, which is why there are fewer of them than there are Hill dwarves. Despite having little interest in the drama and valor of war, Hill dwarves do still live in kingdoms.
Both are mad resilient and really good at arts & crafts.


The central unit in Dwarvish society is the clan. Similar to the Drow, it’s a dangerous and isolated life for Dwarves who are clanless. Each clan has one or two points of pride they carefully cultivate, whether it’s a trade or craft or a characteristic. Most clans have famous members, present or historical, who are referenced constantly.


Dwarves are seen as boisterous, rowdy, and good-natured, but stingy. They have a reputation for neither helping nor hurting. They might make common folk a bit nervous, especially in groups, but they’re a normal enough feature to not warrant too much notice.

The Dwarven Domains


In the northeast mountains near the western shore of the Armory Coast, south of Pohyola, and inside the Séanmira forest, Brakbeinn is the domain of the First Realm Mountain Dwarves. Its massive, cavernous halls are ancient. Millennia of expert stonemasons and carvers left the underdark etched with myriad intricate details and so many chambers and corridors that some haven’t been traveled in centuries.


In the mountains on the northwest of the Third Realm, north of Beinkobber, is this Mountain Dwarf domain. It is ancient, but not quite as ancient as Brakbeinn. It is also less sprawling due to the denser concentration of inhabitants in this area. Most of the kingdom’s population is settled within the caverns and halls of Durandwhel but there are sentry and mining settlements throughout the mountain range, the Alheimurinns.


Engarbh is Hill Dwarf land, south of the Spanner Isthmus in the Third Realm. It is a divided territory, comprised of several tribal nations.
The terrain includes foothills in the north, and grassy plains to the west; but the vast majority is moors and rolling scrublands. Parts of the region are forested, but no forest is larger than a hundred square mile. To the east, most of the wooded areas are marshes and wetlands.


Hill Dwarves
Eastern Dathannachy


Hill Dwarves
Along the western coast of the Third Realm, in and against the mountains THAT STILL NEED NAMES TORI.


Hill Dwarves
North First Realm along the Armory Coast


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