City States

The people of these settlements refer to them as Free Cities. They were principally founded by pirates, deserters, refugees, criminals, escaped slaves, or survivors of shipwrecks and other disasters. They see themselves as Free from whatever it was their founders knew before. However, as they’ve since established their own systems of governance, the term can be confusing to outsiders who therefore prefer to refer to them as City States.

All Standing

This is a city founded by Naval deserters. It’s on the west coast of the Wrecked Country.


This city is on an island in the north ocean I haven’t named yet. It was founded by displaced refugees and sailors who were condemned as criminals for transporting them.

Back & Fill

On the rocky northeast coast of the Wrecked Country, this city was founded by escaped slaves and pirates.


Pirate hub, black markets, haven for anybody trying to disappear from the law. It is an island in the southern waters of an ocean I haven’t named yet.

Sun Over the Yardarm

Right off the western coast of the sea of the Third Realm, this is a jovial city established by deserters, mutineers, traitors, and expatriates.

City States

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