A small republic on the south shore of whatever I’m calling that Sea in the Third Realm

Most of the population is human, but in the cities there are plenty of born nationals of other races, and no laws prohibit settlers of any race from taking up residency where they want, although certain races are likely to be met with hostility and fear in rural areas.

Chraid is the only remaining nation that occupies a that Sea coastline and hasn’t been assimilated into the Semiramian empire.

They’re a small country, so their survival strategy has been to make education and military service universal and compulsory.


Chraidan learning academies require uniforms and are milestone-based. All citizens must be enrolled before they lose their last baby tooth.
Milestone 1 schools are completed when students know how to read, write, do arithmetic, perform basic first aid, sew, and swim.
Milestone 2 schools are completed when students demonstrate a satisfactory aptitude with: negotiation and barter, a second language, conflict mediation, self defense, geography, global relations, an art of their choice, basic carpentry, wilderness survival, and basic mechanics.
Milestone 3 schools are optional. They include trade schools, apprenticeships, bard colleges, etc. and are considered complete when you are qualified for work in an industry.

Military Service

All citizens are required to start their mandatory 2-year military service before they reach middle adulthood, which is age 30 for humans.
Upon enrollment, they may choose which division to enter. Their options are:

  • Medical
  • Scouting
  • Cavalry
  • Infantry
  • Artillery
  • Recon (3-year commitment)
  • Borderguard
  • Naval


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