A kingdom in the east First Realm

Estimated population: 4.3 million
Major industries: wool, textiles,
Capital: Biri-Biri
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Culture & Infrastructure

Cedewain is currently under the control of an incredibly unifying monarch, King Nouelig, which is lucky because they are under constant threat of invasion these days. They’re a pastoral society, apart from their capital, their land is entirely rural. Shepherds pay taxes to the lord of whatever pasture their herd grazes on during that time of the year. Lords maintain small villages, roads, and miles and miles of grasslands.


The hero of the people, Captain Wolbeard, is the Captain of the Shepherd Knights, which is Cedewain’s standing army.


Everybody likes sheep, so they do fine.


The major god of Cedewain is Ammuk. Particularly Mokosh of shearing, weaving, and spinning, and Ua-Ildak of the pastures.


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